Bunny & Pink, Ink.

Bunny & Pink, Ink. exists to manage space. My collaborators and I believe space comprises both the physical world and the emotional capacity to ingest new experiences. Theatre, for instance, cannot be created without both: the audience and players need to inhabit physical space; but further, both cohorts also require the emotional and intellectual room to receive and share ideas.

The Fortress of Lushington

Anyone with a big room can rent out a theatre. My claim is that an empty room has little intrinsic significance and so strive to provide support for the people who imbue it with meaning.

I own and manage the Fortress of Lushington a popup theatre venue. I've collaborated with Fiddles and Oboe's Clown Orchestra & No Ring Circus, the Mudlark Public Theatre, The Elm Theatre, InFringe Fest, and others to bring affordable live theatre to the Marigny.

If you'd like to talk about possibly staging a production don't hesitate to get in touch.

I also rent out the space for rehearsals, classes, and more. Rates start at $10/hour. Email info@bapi.us for more information or text 617-398-7654.

The Other Stuff

I design and build custom bookcases, both built-ins and free standing. If you have book storage issues, are uninterested in spending thousands of dollars on a piece of furniture, and don't want to buy cheap mass-produced junk, reach out!

I also produce other small pieces of furniture, stage sets, props, and so on. I'll refer you to others in the trade if B&P is not the best firm for the job.

Knife sharpening is also offered. $1/inch for kitchen knives, $4 for general purpose scissors, bench scrapers, serrated knives, and the like. Overnight service available.


A transplant from Boston, Bunny's called New Orleans home since 2011. He's currently collaborating with Rebecca Leigh to bring Camp Fortress to life.

In addition, Bunny is a technical consultant and contractor specializing in development team management, UNIX systems administration, release engineering and management, database administration, and application programming.

Contact Bunny at bunny@bapi.us or by text at 617-398-7654.


Bunny & Pink, Ink. lives at 2215 Burgundy St., New Orleans, 70117. Although I don't keep regular hours I'd invite you to get in touch if you'd like to chat. info@bapi.us